Funny humourous use of Tang Drink in phrase ' Pappu yar tang na kar' pakistani funny images
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Pakistan's funny images with captions, Pappu yar tang na kar, funny advertisement of Tang Drink in Pakistan. For more similar images, visit BzTusk Image Gallery.

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Girl eats her nose glue and nose gum and then feels it is a bit over salted the manhoos billi saying oh bc! is it too salted
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Manhoos Billi Saying Namak Ziada Hai Kya? Funny Picture eating her nose gel and feels it is not tasty and it is salty šŸ˜€ She does not want it any more. Ā For more Manhoos Billi Images, visit BzTusk Image Gallery.  

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Pakistani boy hates his neighbours after they have set password on their wifi funny caption images for facebook comments
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I used to like my neighbours but now I hate them, since they have set password on their wifi blocking my internet access. For more wifi funny pictures, urdu funny jokes and I hate you caption images, goto BzTusk Image Gallery.

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My girlfriend says she will make my life heaven and she does not even know how to cook rice and pulses. This girl has got too much confidence Urdu Picture Joke
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  My girlfriend does not even know how to cook rice and pulses and she says to me that she will make my life look like heaven. She has got too much confidence. : D To view more urdu caption jokes and other girlfriend images, visit BzTusk Image Gallery.

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Pakistani student search on google for 24 hour continuous electricity availablity in pakistan and google hangs up its search funny image joke in urdu
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  Searching 24 hour continuous electricity in Pakistan on google. Best google urdu joke for fun and entertainment. A boy wrote on google: 'Place in Pakistan where electricity is available 24 hours? ' And the Google returned the response in punjabi: "Be a human why you want to hang the

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Teacher says Lakh Di Laanat To Student and Son of Bitch- Funny Image Joke Teacher was on bed of Akbar Mughal Emperor
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Funny teacher, funny students, teacher Saying son of bitch to student and expels him from class, urdu funny joke. Teacher says Laakh di Laanat to Student during Class Teacher: Once upon a Time Mughal Emperor Akbar was lying on his bed resting. Student 1: Miss, Arslan is irritating me Teacher:

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This black Wall has free wifi for usage funny wifi image
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Oh Sweet! This wall has free WIFI Signals enabled. BzTusk Image Gallery provides a large collection of entertaining and funny images for enjoyment. You can also view similar technology and captionsĀ images on

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Facebook addiction Take photo of cute baby born in hospital and Post to Facebook
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Take photo of baby born in hospital and upload to facebook for sharing. Facebook addiction and height of facebook love from parents. Cute Baby Cartoon smiling for funny photo for facebook.  

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Funny Sperm Of An Engineer- Engineers always think fast go fast Identify an engineer sperm in medical
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An Engineer Thinks fast and goes fast, so does his sperms šŸ˜€ Medical Practitioner has identified sperm of an engineer. BzTusk Image Gallery Provides best college of funny images and photos for entertainment. You can also visit other engineer images and photos and funny images @ BzTusk Image Gallery.  

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