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60 Tons of American Tanks and Fighter Jets are Coming to Your Country for Giving you freedom
AfghanistanAir ForceAmerica Supports LibertyAmerican FreedomAmerican Liberty Funny ImagesArmyNavy SealsSoldiersUnited States Of AmericaUSA

  American Eagle is Coming to your country to provide you freedom funny pictures. For more american freedom funny pictures and latest and the most humorous funny photos, visit BzTusk  Image Gallery.

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Brain washed american soldiers are killing more middle easterners! Thus, forcefully converting them into terrorists and making them against themselves. Thanks guys for making me feel better with your guns.
AfghanistanAmerica Supports LibertyAmerican FreedomAmerican Liberty Funny ImagesArmyFunny ImagesFunny War ImagesNavy SealsUnited States Of AmericaUSA

Freedom? Brainwashed military assholes are killing middle Easterners, enourgaing more of them to turn to anti-American terrorism. Good job making me feel safer, guys! 😀 For more american freedom and american soldiers funny images and photos of american navy seals, visit BzTusk Image Gallery.  

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