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Rolustech SugarCRM Products - Made In Pakistan

Rolustech comprises of some of the largest SugarCRM Certified teams in the world. Engineering teams at Rolustech help businesses worldwide with their SugarCRM Customization, Integration, Deployment, Management and Support Since their inception about 10 years ago, the company has partnered with two of the top-notch CRM software companies- SugarCRM and X2Engine.

Rolustech provides software solutions in both the Web Interface and mobile applications. The company has a wide range of CRM and mobile applications developed in house for different areas of business management. You can visit the company apps on google play store at the link below:

For a complete detail of the CRM products and projects completed by the company, you can visit their website here:


If you are looking for CRM based solutions in Pakistan, Rolustech is the GOTO place for all types of businesses. Through the agile methodology followed by the company throughout the development process, the company maintains a steady flow of feature releases and product updates and patches for all the major CRM brands available online.

With a team of over 100 professionals, this software development company is a get going opportunity for fresh software engineers as well as experienced professionals who want to furthur develop and nourish their skills in a multi-million dollar business sector covering a user-base of millions user per month. If you are a software engineering graduate, you can look for job opportunities at Rolustech or subscribe to our newsletter for job openings at Rolustech.

Rolustech was founded in June 2008 by Hussain Nasir and Shahrukh Riaz.


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