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Angry Bird Funny Urdu Joke. Shohr : jan socha tumhain call kr lon tum mujhe yad kr rahe hon gi. Biwi : tu subha lrai hoi thi wo kia tha .? Shohr : O fitay mu

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18+ Funny ImagesLove Marriage Funny PicturesMarriageMarried

Please Give Me A Big Bottle Funny Urdu Joke. Aik admi medical store pr gia or bola : "mje zhr chaheya" medical store wala " main apko uss wqt tak zhr nhi dy sakta jab tak ap k pas ijazat nama na ho... " Admi ne medical waly ko 2

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Listen To Unmarried Person Funny Urdu Joke. Suna ha meyan biwi gari k do pheyan han. koi hmare ghr walon se pochay k hum se kab tah one willing krwani ha Note

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Cute Baby Says Truth Funny Urdu Joke. Skool main dakhle k leya interview : Kaka ap k papa kia krtay hn...? Kaka : jo mammi bolti ha bs wohe krtay hain. lol...

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If I Missing Funny Urdu Joke. Indian wife asks her husband if she goes missing what will he do. Here is their chat: Biwi : agr main gom ho jaun tu tum kia kro gay.? Shohr : akhbar main ishtehar don ga- Biwi : Kush hotay howay- kia likho gay

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Astonished Bachelor on his wedding did not get a kiss from bride
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Hahahahaha... Funny yet beautiful looking bride in white dress kisses her red costume wearing girl friend on her marriage instead of kissing her groom during wedding ceremony in park. Her eyes are closed and she did not even notice whom she is kissing. The Groom is looking astonished with a

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Meaning of GFEDCBA is Girls Forget Everything Done & Catch a New Boy Again
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Daily Life meaning of Alphabets in English. The english alphabets written on white T-shirt of this young man are correct in daily life. It says that  ABCDEFG means: A Boy Can Do Everything For Girl. and reverse the meaning of GFEDCBA is: Girls Forgot Everything Done & Catches new Boy Again.

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