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You are looking at the funny cartoon picture of a hen and a cock. The egg is not hatching and the chicken wants an IPhone before it comes into real world of technology. This crazy iPhone loving chicken has demanded an iPhone before even he is born. This is a

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Cry for freedom long and hard enough and then america will throw freedom in your way after too much hate and revenge for 11 september incidence
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Freedom? Americans do not guarentee freedom to anyone unless they struggle too hard and long enough for it. The eagle will throw all the eggs and destroy them unless you struggle too hard. For more funny images of eagle resting in his nest with all the eggs and American Freedom, visit BzTusk

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American National Bird Eagle attacking a poor man asking if he has asked for freedom? American freedom funny pictures with text captions
Air ForceAmerica Supports LibertyAmerican FreedomAmerican Liberty Funny ImagesBirds Funny ImagesEagle Funny ImagesFunny ImagesUnited States Of AmericaUSA

American is the provider of freedom for all the world. This is how america speaks about liberty and freedom in the world. Freedom, Motherfucker do you speak it? Visit BzTusk Image Gallery for similar American Freedom funny pictures.

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